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Divorce with Dignity and Compassion 

Online Coaching with Sheri Prud'homme

You can divorce in a way that leaves everyone healthy and whole on the other side.

It only takes one person in the couple to bring consciousness to a divorce.

Meet Sheri

Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach

I work one-on-one with individuals to turn the pain and hurt of divorce into a breakthrough for emotional growth and freedom. The 5-step Conscious Uncoupling process helps you, your family, and your communities come through this transition healthy and whole. The program is for people in the process of considering ending a relationship, those who have recently ended a relationship, and those wanting to move beyond a past breakup. We can also adapt the process for ending a relationship with a friend, community, or organization. As your coach, I will guide you through the 5 Steps as outlined in Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After by Katherine Woodward Thomas, supporting you at every step along the way. 

**From December 2023 thru July 2024, I will be on sabbatical and not able to work with clients.**


The 5 Steps of Conscious Uncoupling

Find Emotional Freedom

Reclaim Your Power & Your Life

Break the Pattern, Heal Your Heart

Become a Love Alchemist

Create Your Happily - Even - After Life

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The Journey Towards a Healed Heart Begins Today.

"Working with Sheri went beyond this one relationship and truly walked me through my deepest healing. I recommend working with Sheri to grow in honest self-compassion. She helped me reframe concerns, questions and longings into kind questions to ask myself. Sheri listens, guides, and laughs; she created, with me, step by step, a framework to grow into my best self."

- Kay R.

"Sheri led me through the Conscious Uncoupling process with deep listening, compassion, and gentle encouragement to uncover deeper truths about my relationship patterns. Having her attentive support through the journey of my uncoupling has been an invaluable part of my letting go with grace and generosity."

- Jennifer D.

"The sense of empowerment I experienced over our time together combined with the dramatic change in my circumstances as a result of all the work we did together has been truly amazing. Sheri is extremely compassionate, intuitive and asks the hard, piercing questions in the sweetest, kindest way possible.  She helps open up insights, perspectives and realizations that you are totally oblivious to—even if you’ve already done a ton of self-growth work. This process will shine SO. MUCH. LIGHT. on the dynamics in your relationship.  It can’t help but make all your relationships better."

- Wendy Garrido

   Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

   Authenticity Advocate &  

   Aliveness Coach

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