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Learn a conscious and honorable way to uncouple

from your former partner

Experience a reprieve from breakup trauma

and overwhelming heart pain

Rediscover your own worthiness to love and be loved

Be set free from festering resentment

Be empowered to evolve beyond any habitual

disappointing patterns in love

Awaken to your power to create happier

and healthier patterns in love 





There is no way around the grief and pain of divorce. But it doesn't have to be bitter, destructive, or a battle ground. Learning the tools and techniques of Conscious Uncoupling, you can go through divorce or separation with awareness and compassion for yourself and others, taking responsibility for creating the future you want with your ex-, your family, and your communities. Thousands of people have used Katherine Woodward Thomas' groundbreaking process to go through the pain of a breakup and come out the other side with hearts that are healed, happy, healthy, and whole. And you can too! 

Conscious Uncoupling

In the 5-Step Program, you will discover how to 

find emotional freedom, reclaim your power and your life, break the patterns that have caused the breakdowns in your relationships, heal your heart, and identify actions you can take to generate the kind of relationships you want in your life.


One-One Coaching

In 6-weeks, I guide you step by step through the Conscious Uncoupling Program - an introductory session and then one for each step. We have ample time to explore your specific circumstances, catalyze healing and transformation in your life, and create a plan to fulfill your future vision. The first three sessions are 60 minutes each and other three are 90 minutes. A weekly group meeting is optional. 

One-One Coaching Package: $1,200

**From December 2023 thru July 2024, I will be on sabbatical and not able to work with clients.**

Group Coaching

Each group member reads the Conscious Uncoupling steps and completes the exercises independently, coming together weekly for 90 minutes of shared support. Together, we create a transformational learning community, putting the steps of Conscious Uncoupling to work in your life and transforming your separation or divorce.

Group Coaching Package: $350

If you want continued support after our first six weeks, I offer ongoing integration packages. I cater to each of my client's particular circumstances, tailoring the process to meet your personal needs. Inquire about scholarships and payment plans. If your former partner wants a coach to go through the process along with you, I can help find a qualified coach.  Reach out to connect!

Fern leaf

Widowed + Divorced =


"Widorced" is a term I created combining widowed and divorced. I use it to describe those of us who were divorced or separated and were widowed before the divorce was finalized or immediately afterwards. Divorce and separation have complicated implications for families and communities. Adding a death to the picture often exacerbates these dynamics. Navigating all the details following the death is also painful in unique ways for people who have been widorced. Since few people understand the layered and complex grief of such situations, it can be a lonely and isolating time. We are gathering a community of resource and support so that no one going through it need to feel alone. Please consider sharing your story. Fill out the "Let's Connect" form below to get connected. 

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